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ProGLOW™ Transforms Color Changing Accent Lights for Motorcycles
March 9, 2021

ProGLOW™ Transforms Color Changing Accent Lights for Motorcycles

Custom Dynamics® New ProGLOW™ LED accent lights for motorcycles use the latest color changing technology. Additionally, ProGLOW™ offers an expansive variety of color, pattern & combination of functions. The innovative app connects to IOS or Android device to bring control of the lights to your fingertips!

ProGLOW ™ Color Changing Accent Light System

The new ProGLOW™ LED accent lights for motorcycles feature a series of accent light kits and accessories. This combination creates a bright, eye-catching glow to show off any vehicle.  ProGLOW™ LED strips come with double-sided tape for mounting. In addition, a plug & play watertight IP67 rated connector is on each end to keep installation simple. ProGLOW™ LED strips are offered in two lengths. The 12″ strip works great under the tank or saddlebags of the motorcycle. Similarly, the 2.5″ strip is perfect for under the horn and air cleaner. Wire extensions and splitters are also available. When combined, you can achieve ideal lengths for flawless placement and installation.

Wheel lights can be added for lighting up the front wheel. The ProGLOW™ LEDs run around the edge of a chrome or black puck. When mounted to the inside of the front brake calipers, they shine 360 degrees and illuminate the front wheel.

All-in-one ProGLOW™ Accent Light Kits for motorcycles make it easy to add under glow to your V-twin. For instance, the complete kits include everything you need to illuminate the Engine, Engine & Ground Effects, or the Full Bike. The suggested number of LED strips, wire accessories and ProGLOW™ Bluetooth Controller are all included.

ProGLOW ™ wiring diagrams and technical resources are available in the Help Center. These outline recommended mounting locations and wire series for installing on your motorcycle.

ProGLOW ™ Headlamps & Passing Lamps for Harley-Davidson®

ProGLOW™ LED Headlamps and Passing Lamps for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are available. Plug and play fitment for 2014-Current Harley-Davidson models includes the required wiring adapter. However, the 2013-earlier model fitment includes required mounting ring.

The ProGLOW™ app controls their built in color changing halos around the edge of the lamp. Aside from the show quality of this system, the ProGLOW™ headlamp surpasses the stock lamp performance. The 7″ headlamp packs an impressive 3250 lumen high beam and 2250 lumen low beam output. Further, it produces a 6000K bright white field of vision. All backed by the Custom Dynamics® lifetime LED warranty.

ProGLOW ™ Bluetooth Controller

The ProGLOW™ Bluetooth controller offers unlimited customization of the ProGLOW™ lighting system. You can produce millions of vivid colors & color combinations. Three light zones (front, mid, rear) can be independently controlled. In addition, animation settings offer a variety of solid color or color-changing modes. Flash, breathe and chase settings are available with adjustable speed and brightness. Access to the device camera & music library allows app to perform a custom color capture and sync light patterns with music.

Keeping rider’s safety in mind, an optional Brake Alert feature allows all LED accent lights to transition to bright, solid red when the brake is applied. Also, the built in Battery Saver lets you tack battery voltage and schedule automated actions. Users have full control of the ProGLOW™ color changing lights even while out of sight!

Shop Custom Dynamics® ProGLOW™ color changing lights through your local Drag Specialties dealer.


  1. Michael van Dongen on 07.09.2023 at 8:17 pm

    Is there a way to use Spotify for the music connection for the ProGlow Bluetooth controller. I can only add music from Apple Music only that I can see. Thanks in advance! Great product.

    • Karen on 07.10.2023 at 12:04 pm

      At this time, the music sync capability is only through device music library or microphone.

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