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Rain – Rust – Refined
August 21, 2018

Rain – Rust – Refined

Custom Dynamics® is the authority on after-market motorcycle LED lighting  When we see an opportunity to fix a common problem, we do! Any Harley-Davidson® owner can tell you, water in your turn signal is an issue. The problem comes from the small gaps between the housing and the OEM lens. Especially when you wash your bike or get caught in the rain, water pools up in the housing. More often than not, the moisture leads to serious issues and expensive repairs. There are many schools of thought on solving this dilemma. Some choose to drill a small hole in the factory lens. Others prefer to wrap the seam in a chrome detailing tape. There wasn’t an ideal fix, until now. Our new ProBEAM® Motorcycle LED turn signals lights offer a simpler solution. With various upcoming product improvements we can keep the water out and your investment dry!

Corrosion is an electrochemical reaction that appears in several forms, such as chemical corrosion and atmospheric corrosion, the latter of which is the most common form. When acidic substances (including water) come in contact with metals, such as iron and/or steel, rust begins to form.  -CSL Silicones Inc.

Harley, We’ve got a Problem

Excess moisture or pooling water in the turn signal housing will cause extensive damage over time. The photos below show how much corrosion can build up over time. This customer contacted Custom Dynamics® after one of his Genesis® LED turn signals had stopped illuminating. As you can see in the photo on the left, the inside of the turn signal socket was completely corroded. The power contacts and ground tab were both damaged beyond repair. In the photo on the right, you can see the corrosion inside the socket had even begun to eat away at the turn signal base.

If the corrosion is mild, a flat head screwdriver can often scrape it away. The use of recommended cleaning agents can also work. But, in this instance, the damage was already done. Despite our efforts, replacing the OEM turn signal housing and socket was necessary. Plus, the bulb base on the LED turn signal cluster required a replacement. Purchasing replacements became necessary to get the bike back to normal operation.

Refined Design: ProBEAM®

Custom Dynamics® assessed these issues and designed a fix. Our new line of ProBEAM® Motorcycle LED Turn Signals Lights will soon implement a design unlike any other on the market today. ProBEAM® LED Turn Signal Lenses will begin to transition to the new design that includes a gasket which is either built-in or provided, depending on the lens style.

Testing performed on the gaskets ensures a water-tight seal (see video here). This proven design prevents water and moisture from entering the turn signal housing. In turn, the gasket will keep all components dry and free of corrosion!

Bullet Style ProBEAM® Turn Signal Lens

ProBEAM® LED Turn Signal Submerged in Water
ProBEAM® LED Turn Signal Submerged in Water

The drawing below illustrates the new Bullet Style ProBEAM® LED Motorcycle turn signal lens. You can also see the built-in rubber gasket. This rubber gasket sits snug between the housing and the lens, providing a complete 360˚ seal. Bullet Bezel ProBEAM® Motorcycle LED turn signals will also provide a built-in rubber gasket to ensure a water-tight seal.

Engineering drawing illustrating ProBEAM® lens
Engineered Drawing of Bullet Style ProBEAM® Turn Signal Lens

Flat Style ProBEAM® Turn Signal Lens

The design of the Flat style ProBEAM® LED Motorcycle turn signal lenses is similar. These lenses come with a provided rubber o-ring. Like the built in gasket, the o-ring sits on the lip of the lens to provide the same water-tight seal when installed. These lenses also include two smaller rubber washers. These washers install with the mounting screws to secure the lens to the turn signal housing. Flat Bezel style ProBEAM® Motorcycle LED turn signal inserts also include an o-ring. This o-ring sits on the outer edge of the lens when installing, also providing a water-tight seal.

The installation instructions note LED turn signals do not need any dielectric grease. Before installing LED turn signals, Custom Dynamics® recommends cleaning the turn signal sockets. This ensures the housing is free of any moisture that could cause corrosion or damage to the turn signal or factory housing.

The new ProBEAM® LED turn signals and lenses have already gained popularity among riders (see how the design and performance of ProBEAM® LED Motorcycle turn signals measure up against the competition). Custom Dynamics® team of engineers considered every detail in the design of the ProBEAM® LED Motorcycle Lighting product line. This includes resolving the most common annoyance of water, and the damage it can cause over time. By implementing the unique gasket design, we will provide a water-tight seal. In turn, this keeps your bike and turn signals looking the same as it did rolling off the show room floor – dare we say even a little better!


  1. Matt Brandt on 09.07.2018 at 1:54 am

    That would be great. Thank you

    • Erin Armitage on 09.07.2018 at 1:24 pm

      Yes sir, no problem at all! As soon as our new ProBEAM® lenses (with the built-in lens gasket) are available, we’ll let you know! Thank you again for choosing Custom Dynamics®; have a wonderful weekend and ride safe!

  2. Matt Brandt on 09.05.2018 at 1:51 am

    Will you be offering just the lenses? I just bought a set of ProBeam turn signals 3 weeks ago.

    • Erin Armitage on 09.05.2018 at 4:58 pm

      Hi Matt!

      Thank you for your recent purchase of our ProBEAM® Amber/White Dynamic Ringz™! The new ProBEAM® lenses (with the built-in lens gasket) will be available for purchase in the near future and will be available separately from the ProBEAM® LED Dynamic Ringz™! We will add you to our product request list, that way once they are available, we can let you know!

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