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Practical Power: Wiring Harnesses to Make Electronics Easy
March 20, 2023

Practical Power: Wiring Harnesses to Make Electronics Easy

The name Custom Dynamics is synonymous with revolutionary lighting products. The brand also has a lot of behind-the-scenes wiring and electrical components. Items like that may not be as flashy, but they are essential for seamless electronics upgrades. They also make customizing a bike more straightforward and convenient. From swapping out the handlebars to adding lights and audio components, Custom Dynamics makes installation and operation straightforward and simple.


Custom Dynamics offers a number of quick-disconnect wiring harnesses designed for the Tour-Pak. Adding this small component can make a big difference when it comes to installing a Tour-Pak or Tour-Pak electronics. For example, additional lights or even speakers. For one thing, the quick-disconnect function makes it easy to remove and reattach the Tour-Pak for ultimate convenience.

PN: 2130-0267
PN: 2050-0384

For riders on earlier models, a Custom Dynamics quick-disconnect wiring harness allows the bike to fit with a 2014-current Tour Pak. That way, older bikes can have the newest Tour-Pak style without any electrical challenges.

If one of those 2014 or newer Tour-Paks is equipped with the OEM rear run, brake or turn lights, or if a ProBEAM Tour-Pak light is added, a quick-disconnect Tour-Pak lighting power harness provides an easy plug-and-play solution.

PN: 2050-0383

Similarly, Custom Dynamics has a universal power harness that can connect any aftermarket lighting that has been added to a Tour-Pak. This harness can mate to other Custom Dynamics harnesses for customers who still want that quick-disconnect function.


Of course, a lot of riders see the Tour-Pak as more than luggage: it’s also a way to add more speakers to a bike’s audio system. Custom Dynamics offers a quick-disconnect motorcycle speaker power harness for OEM Tour-Pak speakers. When installing a speaker-equipped Tour-Pak, this extra little step allows that easy on-off capability.

Custom Dynamics also offers plug-and-play wiring solutions for riders who are customizing the handlebars on throttle-by-wire models. The handlebar extension kits feature wiring connectors in four lengths, starting at four inches on the smallest side of things all the way up to eight, 12 and 15 inches.

PN: 2120-1170
PN: 2120-1171

Each handlebar extension kit includes the pre-cut, pre-pinned wires. The color-matching wires make it easy to know what each one is for. The kits also come with heat shrink to ensure a clean extension the user can easily route through the handlebars.


Talk to your Drag Specialties dealer to learn more about Custom Dynamics or connect with the Custom Dynamics support team for insight and assistance. Find all Custom Dynamics products in the FatBook and OldBook.

Author: Beth Dolgner

Source: Drag Specialties Magazine – October 2022

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