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Road Glide® Revolution
November 15, 2017
Road Glide® Revolution

The 2018 Harley Davidson® model release marks the 20th year the Road Glide® (FLTR) has been in production! Since the Road Glide® hit streets in 1998, the model family has gained popularity and a strong following. Harley-Davidson® Touring models dominate sales every year, but the Road Glide® offered something unique. 

The Road Glide® (FLTR) was released in 1998; based heavily off its ancestor the Tour Glide (FLT), pictured above. The FLTR used the same frame and motor assembly as the Electra Glide but featured a completely redesigned front fairing.

Why Road Glide®?

The Road Glide® has a ‘Shark Nose’, frame-mounted fairing. The fairing is attached to the frame itself, so it doesn’t move when you turn the handlebar. The fixed fairing takes some getting used to but Road Glide® riders favor it, enjoying the way it handles and the wind coverage it provides. With the handlebars positioned closer to the rider and the fairing further away, the Road Glide® design also offers more room while riding.

Harley Davidson® has expanded the Road Glide® family over the years. In 2010, the Road Glide® Ultra (FLTRU) and Road Glide® Custom (FLTRX) were introduced. Road Glide® CVO™ models have also been released over the past two decades (most recently, the 2018 Road Glide® CVO™).

Road Glide® Revival

In 2015, the Road Glide® was redesigned. The 2015 release delivered a shorter, more stretched out body style with a narrower front wheel and front fairing (1.4 inches narrower).

2013 FLTRU (left) and 2015 FLTRX (right). The 2015 redesigned, sleeker Shark Nose was the first significant change in the inner and outer fairing since 1998.


Increased Road Glide® sales meant more demand for aftermarket accessories. Lighting for the unique Shark Nose fairings was especially hard to find. Because of the redesign in 2015, a product that worked on a 2013 Road Glide® model most likely didn’t work on the new 2015 Road Glide® fairing. In fact, according to the Harley-Davidson® manual for 2015-2018 Road Glide® Models: “The headlamp contains no replaceable bulbs. The entire assembly must be replaced upon failure”.

Before last month, owners of 2015-2018 Road Glide® Models had zero options for after-market LED headlamps, but not anymore! The newest Custom Dynamics® TruBEAM® Headlamp is now available for plug and play installation on 2015-2018 Road Glide® Models!


TruBEAM® Headlamp

The premium TruBEAM® LED Headlamp offers 4 Low Beam LEDs and 4 High Beam LEDs with built-in halo rings around each headlight (5800K Color Temperature). The built-in halos function as a White DRL with Auxiliary Amber Turn signal function to increase visibility even more!

Another important detail to consider is that the TruBEAM® LED Headlamp meets DOT FMVSS Specifications. The truth is, a lot of aftermarket headlight bulbs aren’t DOT certified.

Low Beam: 3200 Raw Lumens (31.2 Watts @ 12VDC); High Beam: 3100 Raw Lumens (28.8 Watts @ 12VDC).


The TruBEAM® features a Polycarbonate Lens and is available with either a Chrome or Black Chrome reflector. With Custom Dynamics® you also are buying some peace of mind; the TruBEAM® LED Headlamp carries a lifetime warranty against LED failure.


Why TruBEAM®?

The premium TruBEAM® LED Headlamp offers a complex reflector design by making use of both projection and reflection LED technology. This design provides greater visibility in curves and offers a superior beam pattern in terms of both distance and coverage.


With Reflector Headlamps, the light reflects off a reflector and out in multiple directions, making it much harder to control. Because the light is distributed at different angles, intense hot spots and weak spots are visible in the beam pattern. A lot of light is produced but isn’t directed appropriately.



The TruBEAM® LED Headlamp is 100% Plug & Play with only one headlamp unit needed per bike. Currently, Custom Dynamics® is the only manufacturer offering an after-market LED headlamp with fitment on these 2015-2018 Road Glide® models.

Installation is seamless. Simply remove the stock windshield bolts, windshield and factory vent. You’ll then remove the screws holding the inner and outer fairings together.  Once that’s done, the speaker grilles must be taken off; in this process, bolts are removed allowing you to also separate the outer fairing from the inner fairing.

The outer fairing is removed and set aside.  Once the OEM headlamp is removed, the TruBEAM® Headlamp plugs into the factory plug. To wire the built-in LED halo to function as White DRL with Auxiliary Amber Turn signal, the wires from the TruBEAM® Headlamp are connected to a pass-through wiring harness which is provided with the LED headlamp! 

The outer fairing, speaker grilles, factory vent and windshield are all reinstalled. A BCM Sync is performed and you’re ready to test out your new TruBEAM® Road Glide® LED Headlamp!


Additional Road Glide® Products

The redesign in 2015 created a new market for aftermarket accessories, prompting new product development for manufacturers. Depending on the desired effect, different products and applications are now available for the 2015-2018 Road Glide® models. 

To customize the look of the Shark Nose fairing, the Custom Dynamics® Dynamic LED Turn Signals are ideal. The plug and play installation will streamline the look of your Road Glide® fairing, seamlessly replacing the stock front turn signals with low profile aluminum housings (available in Chrome or Gloss Black Finish or as a Raw unit ready for paint matching!). The Dynamic LED Turn Signals provide both a White DRL Running Light and a full-contrast Amber turn signal and are backed by the Custom Dynamics® Lifetime LED Warranty! This simple modification completely changes the look of the Shark Nose fairing, offering a sleeker more custom look.

If you’re looking for side visibility, the Road Glide® LED Dynamic Windshield Trim is the way to go. The installation is plug and play and offers 22 White DRL Running Light LEDs and 22 Amber Turn Signal LEDs with a choice of Chrome or Gloss Black Finish. Because the Windshield Trim bolts directly on to the stock fairing, side visibility is significantly increased, making you safer on the road! The Road Glide® LED Dynamic Windshield Trim is also backed by the Custom Dynamics® Lifetime LED Warranty. If you can’t choose between the two, don’t worry, the Custom Dynamics® Dynamic LED Turn Signals can be used along with the Road Glide® LED Dynamic Windshield Trim!

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