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Indian® Upgrades Made Easy
June 15, 2018
Indian® Upgrades Made Easy

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Undoubtedly, Indian® motorcycles have been making a comeback. In 2011,  Polaris® Industries acquired Indian® motorcycles. The popularity and demand is at an all time high; Indian® is here to stay. This creates a new demand for after-market products. Indian® riders have the same desire most riders do. Customizing their ride with aftermarket exhaust, handlebars, and lighting products is a must. Why then, is the product selection for these riders and their Indian® models so limited?

During the Polaris® acquisition, a significant change took place. A Vehicle Control Module (VCM) is now incorporated in all the newer CanBus Indian® models. The VCM is a new and advanced technology, unique to the market today. Consequently, the change has proven baffling to many aftermarket manufacturers. In turn, product selection for these models has been very limited.

At Custom Dynamics®, it is our goal to introduce new and innovative products to our industry. We welcomed the challenge these models posed and took the VCM head on! The goal was to offer compatible products. To start, we would need to first dissect the complex Indian® electrical system. Our team of technicians set out to design, build and test a variety of products. Research and development was complete and Indian® riders rejoiced! 

Research and Development for Indian® Scout



One of the first Indian® product releases was our Magic Strobes™ Brake Light Flasher. The OEM Indian® taillight is a factory LED. Meaning, there isn’t a way to increase the brightness of the taillight. The Magic Strobes™ Brake Light Flasher applies 10 brake flash/strobe patterns to the brake light. A simple plug and play installation makes the most out of the stock taillight. To select the brake light flash/strobe pattern, riders spin a dial on the module. Every time you brake, the flash/strobe pattern activates. The added effect demands the attention of riders in your rear view. 

“This device installed with no problems and fit perfectly. Set on the right mode, it gives people behind you an ample warning that you are stopping! Excellent product!” – Teddy Al




Looking for even more? Look no further than the Indian® SMART Triple Play®. Like the Magic Strobes™, the Indian® SMART Triple Play® applies the same brake flash/strobe patterns to the OEM taillight. But, it takes safety and visibility to a whole new level. The SMART Triple Play® converts the stock rear, amber turn signals into running lights, brake lights and turn signals. With a plug and play installation, the rear turn signals work as extra running and brake lights. Resulting from this wider stance on the road, riders are more visible when braking and turning. Plus, remember the brake flash/strobe patterns from before? The SMART Triple Play® can apply the flash/strobe brake alert to the rear turn signals and taillight.


SMART Triple Play® module for Indian®


Especially relevant, DOT standards specify red as the color of brake lights. The SMART Triple Play® offers brake function to the rear amber turn signals. Thus, the OEM rear turn signals should be converted to red when using this module. Bullet Ringz™ are available as direct replacements for the rear amber turn signals! The Bullet Ringz™ grab attention while looking sharp. Each unit has 7 Red LEDs embedded into an aluminum bezel. Customize the look even more with a choice of a chrome or gloss black finish. Plus, each unit has an inner cluster of 24 Red LEDs behind a smoked or red lens. All 31 Red LEDs operate as run, brake, and turn signal with the SMART Triple Play® installed. Custom Dynamics® won’t stop there either. Plug and play LED turn signals for Indian® models are already in the pipeline!



Again, the Indian® electrical system is unique. There are two main differences. First, the VCM uses a common current source. Functionality occurs by regulating the grounds on and off. Second, the VCM is very sensitive. Load added or removed from the circuit causes diagnostic trouble codes. This meant compatibility problems with aftermarket products. The versatile Dynamic Load Isolator (DLI) is the solution. With the latest technology, the DLI isolates the Indian® Vehicle Control Module (VCM). Riders can use almost any aftermarket lighting product or electrical accessory without issue.

No doubt the DLI is a game changer for Indian® riders. Plus, there’s nothing to the plug and play installation. The benefits of the DLI are immense. First, riders can use aftermarket products which before were “non-compliant”. Second, the DLI isolates the VCM in an electronic fashion. Meaning, there are no relays or mechanical devices subject to mechanical failure. Even better, the DLI protects your ride! A short circuit on an accessory connected to the DLI outputs will have no impact on the vehicle. All outputs are 100% isolated from the inputs. Avoid damage from faulty accessories, prevent VCM codes, and protect the factory warranty.


DLI Output Banks:


5 separate grounds

2 accessory/run outputs

Left turn signal output

Right turn signal output

Brake output

Integrated right turn/brake output

Integrated left turn/brake output 

In addition, a 4 Pin Trailer Harness is also available. The Trailer Harness wires up to the DLI output. This keeps your trailer lighting isolated in a plug and play fashion! The DLI is perfect for use with Custom Dynamics® products. Hook up Plasma Rods™, LED License Plate Frames, or any aftermarket electrical accessory. Missing the flash/strobe patterns the Magic Strobes™ and SMART Triple Play® offer? Use the DLI along with our Indian® Magic Strobes™ Brake Light Flasher! The Magic Strobes™ adds the brake flash/strobe patterns to the brake and brake/turn power outlets on the DLI!



For the first time, Custom Dynamics® products are available for Indian® models. Installations are simple with installation instructions and videos available. With Custom Dynamics®, customizing your Indian® is now easier than ever!

Learn more about Indian® Aftermarket applications here or check out the new Custom Dynamics® Product Line for Indian®


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