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Indian® Meets Aftermarket
October 18, 2017
Indian® Meets Aftermarket

During the 2013 Daytona Bike Week Indian® Motorcycles unveiled their next generation of Indian® motorcycles including the 2014 Chief® Classic, Chief® Vintage, and Chieftain® models. Since this release Indian has continued to expand their line up with additional models and the popular Dark Horse design. With Polaris Industries pushing the brand, more and more riders are considering what Indian® has to offer.

“Choice is Coming to American Motorcycles”

Indian® Motorcycle has steadily grown in sales and brand recognition since its asset purchase by Polaris Industries in 2011. In a declining market, Indian® seems impervious. In fact, retail sales in North America rose a staggering 17% just since last Spring and Indian® now accounts for a staggering 16% of the portfolio of its parent company.

Don’t worry about finding a local dealer, either. Polaris President of Motorcycles, Steve Menneto, plans to grow their dealer network to more than 300 in North America alone!

New Market

Indian® riders have the same desire to customize their ride with aftermarket exhaust, handlebars, and lighting products. However, due to the advanced electrical system found on Indian® models the aftermarket product choices are limited. Custom Dynamics® is hoping to change that!

The Vehicle Control Module (VCM) which controls the newer CanBus Indian® models requires a separate ground for every function. Unfortunately, this causes most of the current lighting products and electrical modules on the market to be incompatible.

Custom Dynamics® recently purchased a 2017 Indian® Springfield™ to begin product development and testing. Our engineers got straight to work learning the electrical parameters of the Indian® to identify any current product modifications we could make for Indian® compatibility.


New Product Offerings

Custom Dynamics® TruBEAM® LED Headlamp and Passing Lamps are now being offered for 2014-2018 Indian® models (except Scout) with other products in the works!

TruBEAM® Features:

Complex reflector design with 3 low beam LEDs and 2 high beam LEDs.

Combination of projector and reflector type LEDs for maximum light output.

Built in DRL halo ring.

Plug and Play Installation with H4 Plug.

Lifetime LED Warranty.

Optional  Hi-Lo-Halo Adapter is required to enable internal DRL halo rings.  To maximize light output, use the same Hi-Lo-Halo Adapter to keep the center headlamp low beam on when the high beam is activated (sold separately). 

Pair with Custom Dynamics® 4.5″ TruBEAM Passing Lamps for Indian!

“We continually strive toward our company vision to be the world’s leading seller of aftermarket motorcycle LED products and accessories. By staying in-tune with industry demands, we’re able to commit to new product development and are able to offer products that our customers want.” – Dave Pribula, Owner/President of Custom Dynamics®

TruBEAM® Headlamp & Passing Lamps for ’14-’18 Indian® Chief® & Springfield™:

TruBEAM® Headlamp and Passing Lamps for ’14-’18 Indian® Chieftain & Roadmaster:


Indian® Motorcycle is here to stay. The only question now is just how large a foothold they will have in the industry.

One thing is clear – Indian® Motorcycle is in the fast lane now!

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